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From Danny Angus <Danny_An...@slc.co.uk>
Subject Re: [proposal] Doco
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 08:16:38 GMT


This pattern looks like the one currently used by the mail moderators for
apache lists, and as such it's familiarity is probably a benefit.

While James is easily capable of supporting much richer functionality, the
problem occurs when you try to figure out how you can use the extremely
minimal information that is guaranteed to be passed back in the headers of
a reply.

TBH disentangling conflicting approve/reject messages is always going to
require a people-centric solution as it is a symptom of a people problem
(conflicting opinions in the team). As with revision control the software
can only go so far and it needs to be supported by having a communicative
team with agreed and shared goals.

One useful addition might be to accept the first command and reject all
subsequent ones with a message to the effect that the change has already
been approved/rejected, it would then fall to the commiters to discuss and
resolve the conflict through a more collaborative channel.



Hi Stefano,

I think the overall concept for this project is pretty cool and very
well thought out.

The one part that stands out to me as a weak link is the "reply" vs.
"reply to all" mechanism. It seems prone to human errors and to things
like vacation messages. How would conflicts be handled (one person
rejects and one approves)?

At the very least, I would provide a mechanism that allows changes to be
just as easily revoked as they were approved so that late that one night
when someone accidentally hits "reply to all" instead of "reply" that
they can easily fix it.


>       c) the email will have "reply-to" set to the "allow" action and a
> continuation ID. and will have the CC: header set to "reject" with the
> continuation ID. So, by "replying" to the email
>       d) by hitting "reply", the workflow will approuve the changes
>       e) by hitting "reply to all", the workflow will reject them with
> no further action

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