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From Andreas Göggerle <andreas.goegge...@pansoft.de>
Subject [PATCH] RemoteDelivery and new DSNBounce Mailet
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 17:05:58 GMT

finaly I got time to get things ready.

This Patch to RemoteDelivery introduces a new parameter <dsnProcessor>.
Here you can specify a processor, where DSN conform Bounces are created.
If this parameter is missing, mails get bounced the "old way".

Here is a configuration example:

<processor name="transport">
   <mailet match="All" class="RemoteDelivery">
      <!-- Processor for DSN creation -->

<processor name="dsn">
   <mailet match="All" class="DSNBounce">
      <!-- sender defaults to postmaster -->
      <sender> JamesMailserver@domain.tld </sender>
	<!-- Subject Prefix (default=Re:) -->
      <prefix> ERROR: </prefix>
      <passThrough> false </passThrough>

The DSNBounce Mailet creates Bounce Mails in the format specified by RFCs
to 3464. There is only one discrepancy: the MIME-type "text/plain" is used
the status-report part, instead of "message/delivery-status".
JavaMail doesn't support "message/delivery-status".


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