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From "Mark Daring" <cog...@chello.at>
Subject Re: Future direction for James
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 22:34:07 GMT
> IMHO, one area that James struggles is configurability:
> - Restart for every conf change.

Has been and would be nr. 2

> - All in XML files (or worse, a database)

id say as most comments before thats ok, a GUI would certainly lower the
entrance level of new users so nr. 3

> - Troubleshooting is non-intuitive and tough at best, and

this would also be improved by a GUI

> - No consensus on how to support more complex processing logic (matcher
> params, BSD scripting, etc...)

regex for matchers loaded from a file generated with a GUI  - nr. 4

> At the same time, we get questions about extracting protocol handlers,
> embedding in JBoss or other apps, and otherwise componentizing James.

James as stand alone app without container - as alternative - with a
component as singelton exposing
references to most important objects like userrep or mailreps and wrappers
for this component
serving most popular containers - nr. 100

and clustering - nr. 1


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