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From "Steve Brewin" <sbre...@synsys.com>
Subject RE: Taking the plunge - Some success!
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 20:55:12 GMT
James Bucanek wrote:

Looks like you are making excellent progress.

> -- And this is the point where I'm stuck.  I'm gettting
> compile errors from Ant, starting with this one:
> compile-main:
>         [echo] Compiling James Java sources
>        [javac] Compiling 197 source files to
> /Applications/eclipse/workspace/JamesCuttingEdge/build/classes
>        [javac]
> /Applications/eclipse/workspace/JamesCuttingEdge/src/java/org/
> apache/james/util/SqlResources.java:68: cannot resolve symbol
>        [javac] symbol  : class DocumentBuilder
>        [javac] location: package parsers
>        [javac] import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder;
>        [javac]                          ^

Ah! You are running build.xml from within Eclipse? I don't do that,
primarily for the reasons discussed  in the extract below. If you look at
the James build scripts that invoke Ant (build.bat and build.sh) you will
see they adjust the classpath. If you want to build within Eclipse you will
have to make the same adjustments.

Here is an extract from stuff I'm preparing for the Wiki that explains my

Test and Debug Code

As James is a server application I prefer to transfer my updated files to a
remote machine, run James' Ant build script (build.bat or build.sh) on the
remote machine to update the distribution and then use the Eclipse remote
debugger to test. You can also use another session on your local machine,
the JVM is still 'remote' from the one used by Eclipse.

The JVM pointed to by the JAVA_HOME environment variable for the session
used to build and run James must be v1.4.0 or above.

To debug remotely, firstly uncomment the DEBUG property in the James
start-up script (run.bat or run.sh). Now, when you run the script the JVM
will pause waiting for a debugger to attach.
Next, in Eclipse select Run>Debug. to open the Launch Configuration widget.
Select 'Remote Java Application' as the configuration type and click the
'New' button. Fill in the configuration properties so that they match those
specified in the James start-up script and click the 'Apply' button.
If you have not already done so, run the James start-up script so that it is
waiting for a connection. In Eclipse, select the appropriate Launch
Configuration and click the 'Debug' button to proceed. James will now start
and you will see all of its threads, as they are created, displayed in the
Eclipse debugger.

Read the Eclipse Help to understand the many facilities now at your

-- Steve

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