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From Soeren Hilmer <soren.hil...@tietoenator.com>
Subject Re: Regarding BUG 24885: RemoteDelivery only tries one of multiple A record
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 15:06:37 GMT
On Tuesday 09 December 2003 19:48, Richard O. Hammer wrote:
> Søren Hilmer wrote:
>  > ... I am adding a
>  > DNSServer.findARecords method to do it (basically a copy/paste of
>  > findMXRecords).
> I find this very interesting, and I am working on code to deal with
> it.  But I don't want to step on Søren's toes.
> Within a day or two, I hope to post some code here which works -- as
> far as I have been smart enough to test it.  Then I hope to benefit
> from the list's critical review of that code.  I don't know enough
> about DNS to feel sure of myself here.

I won't mind if you beat me on this one, but I do have working code here, what 
is holding me back (apart from some more testing) is wether it is done the 
best way.

> I want to confirm my understanding of "preferences".  As Noel cited,
> RFC 2821, section 5, says:
>     The destination host (perhaps taken from the preferred MX record) may
>     be multihomed, in which case the domain name resolver will return a
>     list of alternative IP addresses.  It is the responsibility of the
>     domain name resolver interface to have ordered this list by
>     decreasing preference if necessary, and SMTP MUST try them in the
>     order presented.
> I believe that these preferences pertain to the host targets of the MX
> records.  The hosts are ranked.

Yes, that is my understanding as well.

> But, for any given host, if that host is multihomed, then the IP
> addresses for that host are not ranked.  They can be returned in any
> order within the list of IP addresses for that host.  Does that sound
> right?

Yes, A records are not ranked.


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