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From "Steve Brewin" <sbre...@synsys.com>
Subject RE: Sieve Proposal (Request For Comments)
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 22:23:36 GMT
Serge Knystautas wrote:
> I would agree to use JavaMail as well.  IMHO, let's just stick to one
> API, and when we're ready to roll-our-own to improve
> performance, then
> all our code using JavaMail can benefit instead of just the Sieve
> proposal or just this or that.

Taking both Serge's, Noel's and my own comments on board, I had took a step
outside and came up with a solution that will hopefully satisfy all

The Sieve implementation will expect a mail message that implements a
MailAdapter interface. The MailAdapter interface specifies the minimum
functionality required to implement the Commands and Tests that RFC3028 says
a Sieve implementation 'MUST' implement[1]. All of which will be implemented
by this Sieve implementation.

The adapter implementation wraps an application's mail message object, such
as MimeMessage for JavaMail, MailImpl for James, or a super lightweight
streaming object for Noel. The mail message object implements the required
functionality in whatever way is most efficient for them.

Applications can extend the MailAdapter interface to include the extra
functionality their mail message objects support. This extra functionality
is exercised by using Sieve's extension mechanism to add new Commands and
Tests, specific to the application.

RFC3028 mandates that a Sieve script must explicitly declare via the
'requires' Command any extension it will use. As this is evaluated at run
time, it is easy to dynamically type-check in 'requires' that the
MailAdapter instance is compatible with the method signature of the entity
declared as required.

Unless I've missed something, this gives a bullet-proof mechanism for
supporting any mail messag object and extending the base Sieve functionality
to support any number of application specific MailAdapters and their
corresponding Commands and Tests without any changes to Sieve's base

As usual, comments are hugely welcomed.

Also, any further ideas on where/how I might dump this evolving code-base? I
hope to have an alpha release by year end.

-- Steve

'MUST' Commands:
    if, else, elsif, require, stop, keep, discard, redirect

'MUST' Tests:
    address, allof, anyof, exists, false, header, not, size, true

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