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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Monitoring
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 18:31:29 GMT

Steve Short wrote:

>I can do it using JMX calls but if Stephen
>McConnell is reading - please treat this as a feature request for
>Merlin's JMX implemtation.

I'm reading ;-)

Right now I'm in the process of pulling together the next release of
Merlin.  The main *feature* of the new release will be a much cleaning
embedding strategy based on a bunch of improvements from Alex (Apache
Directory Project).  This is resulting in the cleanup of the high
level kernel classes.  Another feature that that is somewhat
exploritory (blame this one on Eric from the Turbine project) is the
introduction of a seperate root container for system services.  This
system container will enable the plugging in of system extensions
(e.g. a full blown logging sub-system, or a JMX server, or JMX adapter,
etc.).  Basically this will make things a lot easier for Merlin users
to change what it is that is Merlin - much in the same way as a block
defintion changes what it is that Merlin does.  I'm not sure how much
of the adaptive profiling will make it into the next release (target
end of Decemner) but anyway - I figure it's worth mentioning the
relevant developments.

As far as JMX is concerned the root kernel is already MBean enabled
and is an active event generator (reflecting changes to kernel state). 
What still needs to be done is the exposure (via the kernel) of the
subsidiary applicance mbeans - but more internal event structure is
needed before this becomes available.  However - this means that the
exposure of client MBeans is not far off - but that opens up the
question of how a client declares an mbean - should we be using the
@xxxx tags, if so, which tags, phoenix stle or or there something
we can synchronize with in terms of Gerinimo development?

If you or other have thoughts on this I'm real interested in getting
feedback, suggestions, options, etc.

Cheers, Stephen.


Stephen J. McConnell

| Magic by Merlin                                |
| Production by Avalon                           |
|                                                |
| http://avalon.apache.org/merlin                |
| http://dpml.net/                               |

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