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From Serge Knystautas <ser...@lokitech.com>
Subject Re: newbie question about nbio
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2003 23:16:52 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>>Nope, we're using JavaMail which doesn't have nio.  Also, we're a long
>>way (and possibly never going to reach a point) where nio is useful to
>>an app like James.
> NIO is important to changing the 1:1 relationship between active connections
> and threads.  However, we've had many requests from the user community to
> not require JRE 1.4+.

Yeah, but my point is there's little motivation to remove the 1:1 


Even the comparatively bad score for a JVM (like Sun JDK 1.4.1 on Linux) 
can handle 1,000 threads gracefully, which meets the ASF infrastructure 
requirements... about as tricked out as I'd expect a single server to be.

The last paragraph in the volano report conclusions:

"The good news is that Dan Kegel's C10K Problem has been solved in Java 
1.3, even when using the original blocking Java input and output 
methods, and even when using modest hardware. The bad news is that the 
Java vendors seem to have abandoned that achievement in Java 1.4. 
Blackdown 1.4.1 no longer offers the -green Classic VM option that 
allows so many connections with the 1.3.1 release. The BEA High 
Performance Threading System (Thin Threads) is no longer so highly 
performing in JRockit versions 7.0 and 8.1 compared to the earlier 3.1 
release. Tower Technology, with its fast and scalable TowerJ product, 
simply went out of business. However, there is still cause for hope. The 
new I/O model in Java 1.4 allows some server applications to reduce 
their thread count to single digits; the Native POSIX Thread Library in 
Red Hat Linux 9 promises to solve the problems of highly-threaded Java 
applications on Linux once and for all; and of course, increases in 
hardware performance have made some of these problems simply evaporate. 
With these changes in hand, Java developers can start making headway in 
the C100K Problem."

Serge Knystautas
Lokitech >>> software . strategy . design >> http://www.lokitech.com
p. 301.656.5501
e. sergek@lokitech.com

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