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From "Steve Short" <ssh...@postx.com>
Subject RE: Monitoring in James (was Monitoring)
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 19:30:27 GMT

> I thought, from Chapter 8 of the JMX (JSR 77) specification 
> that SNMP is supported directly by JMX.

There's a difference between JMX and JSR 77.  JMX is the basic
management API and is covered by JSR 3. It does not include any remote
access capability at all, it does allow for remote adaptors such as
Http, RMI and SNMP. JSR 77 is for management of the J2EE platform.  It
does include remote access via MEJB and SNMP.  Note that the MIBs
defined in JSR 77 are for J2EE entities and are not oriented towards an
MTA such as James.

The JMX implementations that I know anything about (Jboss and MX4J)
include Http and RMI adaptors but do not include an SNMP adaptor.  There
are commercial SNMP adaptors available but no Open Source ones AFAIK. 

> > This makes the monitor service much simpler, but it puts a lot more 
> > burden on the individual components to set up the hierachy 
> > associations and the aggregation using listeners.
> Is there a better way?

I'd prefer to configure the metrics sets and assoiations in the monitor
service and then the components simply do a lookup.  This is much less
intrusive for the components and also means they do not need to know
what relationship their metric set has to other metric sets in the


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