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From Alex Zhukov <zhu...@ukrpost.net>
Subject [patch] Maildir + LDAP + SMTPACL + Virtual Domains
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 11:32:09 GMT
Posting this for second time :)

Hi all james hackers!

I have been looking for an opportunity to migrate to James for a
long time, but james lacked several features I really needed. So I
decided to write a patch to add some (still not all) of them to james.
As you can see from the subjects they are:
- Maildir support
- Enhanced LDAP Support (not only LDAP actually but any JNDI directory)
- SMTP ACL - ACL during SMTP-dialog (reject RBLed spammers before mail
goes to spool)
- Virtual Domains - my server is MX for multiple domains and users mail
should go to different folders if they are in different domains
Plus some minor bug fixes.

I thought you might find my patch useful.

Patch appeared to be pretty large so I bzip2ed it before attaching
(sorry windows guys :) ).
It is also available in tar.gz format at

Installation and more detailed explanation is inside the tar.gz

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