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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Release Plan
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 05:47:56 GMT
> > Anyone who has the time to grab a directory or few, look at
> > the CVS history and/or check for a date in the file, and
> > amend the copyright date is most welcome to do so!  :-)

> We might want to record who is grabbing which directories to avoid
> duplication of effort. In JIRA?

Or just post a note to the list.  For any given directory, I don't expect
that it would take long, as I suspect you noticed for Fetchmail.  :-)

> > The next round of enhancements that I believe should go into
> > the release after this include:
> >   - JNDI
> >   - enhanced version of SMTPACL
> >   - IMAP (between Jason's work and Maildir, Darrell and others
> >     should have a suitable persistent store
> >   - Sieve

> Just to confirm, "the release after this" means a subsequent release
> such as 2.2.1 right?

After v2.2.0 (or v3.0, depending upon what we decide to call it), yes.  Into
which release will be a decision we can make based upon readiness, scope of
change, and risk.  I suppose that some of them might be released sooner than

Don't ask me how, but you just reminded me to comment in james-config.xml
that the <authorizedAddresses> element in SMTP is likely to be replaced
if/when we have the enhanced SMTPACL changes in place.

Serge wrote that he agreed with the list.  I am hoping that Serge read the
SMTPACL submission.  There have been quite a few proposals for generalized
protocol-time filtering, including two from me, but Alex's approach is much
more elegant in administration and code re-use than any prior proposal.  Now
I want to return the favor, and generalize Alex's approach.  That would give
James unquestionably the most flexible and consistent approach to message
filtering.  I'm quite excited about the potential and possibilities.

	--- Noel

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