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From Cedric Veilleux <ced...@neopeak.com>
Subject RE: imap status
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 17:16:51 GMT
> To get IMAP working there are major 3 pieces of work that need to be
> done:
> 1) Add attribute support to users (for both file: and db:)- This is
> required for storing mailbox settings etc
> 2) Ensure that all current mail repositories support attributes for
> mail - mbox does not for example :)

Is it really necessary to be able to use any stores for imap?

Enabling attributes from mbox style stores sounds like a lot of work.
The messages need to be mangled to add additional headers for the
attributes when saving and remove them when fetching a message.

> 3) Link the repositories to the IMAP server
> My primary goal is to make sure that a user can use either POP3 or
> IMAP4 when accessing their mailbox. The underlying storage mechanism
> should not force a user to use a particular protocol only. 

Yes, that is very important. It is very common to see imap used to
access mail through a webmail and POP to access it from a mail client.

> I'm personally a bit busy at the moment, but by the time Noel has
> finished the v3 update I will start rolling in some of my IMAP support
> code.
> The IMAP protocol stack written by Darrell is my starting point. As
> you may have noticed it only stores to memory at the moment.
> All I will do for implementation for the storage is use the existing
> mail repository providers and add the mailbox name on the end as a
> postfix.
> For example (for use JW)
> Inbox (File JW)
>      James    - (File JW.James)
>             Dev - (File JW.James.Dev)
>      Sent       - (File JW.Sent)
>      Spam     - (File JW.Spam)        
> You get the idea :)
> I won't be using '.' as the separator BTW. The IMAP rfc has some chars
> that can't be used in folder names (I think) so I'll use those
> instead.

There are no reserved or illegal characters. Each implementation can
decide which delimiter character to use. The client will know the
delimiter of the server by sending a LIST command with no additional
argument. The server should then send ".INBOX" or "/INBOX" or whichever
delimiter it uses followed by INBOX. See 6.3..8.  LIST Command of

The delimiter is usually "." or "/". It might break poorly written
clients to use something else.

C├ędric Veilleux

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