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From Enrique Rodriguez <enrique.rodrig...@25oz.com>
Subject Re: Mailman Bridge Mailet
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 21:17:20 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>><mailet ... class="MailmanBridge">
> Why MailmanBridge?  Seems to be generic, so why not "PipedProcess" or some
> such?

Because I was planning to add functionality that was specific to 
Mailman, to simplify the configuration of large numbers of lists, such 
as the config change I discuss, below.  PipedProcess will be a good 
name, along with the <command> simplification, if I can't get the new 
config working.

>>   <runAs>mail</runAs>
>>   <wrapperPath>/var/mailman/mail/mailman</wrapperPath>
>>   <program>post</program>
>>   <argument>list-announce</argument>
> Why not just:
>    <command> /var/mailman/mail/mailman post list-announce </command>
> or
>    <command> sudo -u mail /var/mailman/mail/mailman post list-announce
> </command>
> Which you are otherwise generating internally.

I broke out the command into elements because I was hoping to do this, 
which would make having lots of lists easier:

<mailet match="RecipientIs=announce@localhost, discuss@localhost" 
     <list name="announce">
         <alias program="post">announce</alias>
         <alias program="mailowner">announce-admin</alias>
         <alias program="mailcmd">announce-request</alias>
     <list name="discuss">
         <alias program="post">discuss</alias>
         <alias program="mailowner">discuss-admin</alias>
         <alias program="mailcmd">discuss-request</alias>

This also has the side benefit of reducing the number of mailets 

I see how, for example, RemoteManager works with Configuration's.  Is 
this somehow possible from Mailets?  I'd like to use getInitParameter() 
with xpath, but the parameters appear restricted to a single level of 
XML with no attributes?

I will refactor to fix the thread-safety and reduce the use of global 
variables.  In addition to being bad form, I understand the 
mailet/container interaction better.  Thanks for the pointers.


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