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From "Jason Webb" ...@inovem.com>
Subject RE: imap status
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 09:25:10 GMT
To get IMAP working there are major 3 pieces of work that need to be done:
1) Add attribute support to users (for both file: and db:)- This is required
for storing mailbox settings etc
2) Ensure that all current mail repositories support attributes for mail -
mbox does not for example :)
3) Link the repositories to the IMAP server

My primary goal is to make sure that a user can use either POP3 or IMAP4
when accessing their mailbox. The underlying storage mechanism should not
force a user to use a particular protocol only.

I'm personally a bit busy at the moment, but by the time Noel has finished
the v3 update I will start rolling in some of my IMAP support code.

The IMAP protocol stack written by Darrell is my starting point. As you may
have noticed it only stores to memory at the moment.

All I will do for implementation for the storage is use the existing mail
repository providers and add the mailbox name on the end as a postfix.
For example (for use JW)

Inbox (File JW)
     James    - (File JW.James)
            Dev - (File JW.James.Dev)
     Sent       - (File JW.Sent)
     Spam     - (File JW.Spam)

You get the idea :)
I won't be using '.' as the separator BTW. The IMAP rfc has some chars that
can't be used in folder names (I think) so I'll use those instead.

-- Jason
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  From: Cedric Veilleux [mailto:cedric@neopeak.com]
  Sent: 17 March 2004 22:44
  To: server-dev@james.apache.org
  Subject: imap status


      I am new to James. I have just been reviewing the imap proposals in
CVS. Is anybody currently working on it?

      What is the current consensus on how to implement imap mail store?
I've seen the org.apache.james.imapserver.store package, which I guess
provides the features needed to implement the imap specs but is not
compatible with the pop server..

      Also, James needs MailRepository to deliver incoming mail to a user.
The imap store does not provide this. What's the plan here?

        C├ędric Veilleux

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