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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject Mailet API -- new constants v JNDI attributes
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 00:59:53 GMT
The Mailet API has a new constants class with

     public static final String SERVER_NAMES = "SERVER_NAMES";
     public static final String HELLO_NAME = "HELLO_NAME";
     public static final String POSTMASTER = "POSTMASTER";

It is marked with @since Mailet API v3.0-unstable, so I'm not too concerned
that anyone will use it, but I'm thinking that with JNDI, we can query the
domains served by this context.  Attributes associated with a domain would
include its name, possibly a postmaster address, etc.

I'm the one who put the ugly hack into the context so that RemoteDelivery
can use the helloName provided by the SMTP Server.  There is actually a bug
there, although I doubt it manifests too often: if you configure multiple
instances of SMTPServer, e.g., SMTP and SMTPS, there is a race condition to
see which one of them will set the value.  Generally it doesn't matter,
since most people would have the same entry in both elements.  But with
people asking for most virtual host support, I can see people asking for
RemoteDelivery to be able to identify differently (either multiple instances
or some heuristic internally).

Bottom line?  I'm not sure that any of those entries we've pushed into the
Mailet API should stay.


	--- Noel

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