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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject VirtualUserTable updates
Date Sun, 21 Mar 2004 07:18:16 GMT
With help from Craig Raw, we now have massively improved Virtual User Table

The new code moves the core Virtual User Table behavior into a base class,
with specialized mapping classes.  XML and JDBC mappers are currently

An example of the XML format would be:

  <mailet match="All" class="XMLVirtualUserTable">
     <!-- 1:1 mapping -->
     <!-- 1:n mapping -->

     <!-- DSN mapping -->
     <mapping>boromir@osgilliath=error:550 Requested action not taken: no
such user here</mapping>
     <!-- regex based mapping -->
     <!-- both standard and regex mapping -->
     <!-- conditional regex mapping example -->



A JDBC representation of the same mapping would be:

  insert ignore into VirtualUserTable values("morgoth", "middle-earth",
  insert ignore into VirtualUserTable values("istari", "middle-earth",
  insert ignore into VirtualUserTable values("boromir", "osgilliath",
"error:550 Requested action not taken: no such user here");
  insert ignore into VirtualUserTable values("%", "osgilliath",
  insert ignore into VirtualUserTable values("ring", "%",
  insert ignore into VirtualUserTable values("%", "listserver",

These examples demonstrate a forwarding address, a simple list, an error
reply, a regex mapping for bulk forwarding, a regex mapping that essentially
adds a CC to an existing message, and conversion from -on/-off
to -subscribe/-unsubscribe.

I've tested all of these samples with both the XML and JDBC implementations.

	--- Noel

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