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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject Need location for new class: o.a.javamail or o.a.mailet
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 05:37:26 GMT
Related to the general issue we discussed on general@ regarding
org.apache.javamail, I have a new class, HostAddress, that I was planning to
commit in the Mailet API as part of the merger.  It replaces the
SMTPHostAddresses interface that Richard and Soren introduced to handle the
multiple A record situation.

HostAddress is precisely a subclass of javax.mail.URLName with one
additional behavior: you can query the host name provided on the
constructor.  Test code for the class looks like:

  url = new HostAddress(<host name>, "smtp://" + <IP-address> + ":25");
  System.out.println("Hostname: " + url.getHostName());
  System.out.println("The protocol is: " + url.getProtocol());
  System.out.println("The host is: " + url.getHost());
  System.out.println("The port is: " + url.getPort());
  System.out.println("The user is: " + url.getUsername());
  System.out.println("The password is: " + url.getPassword());
  System.out.println("The file is: " + url.getFile());
  System.out.println("The ref is: " + url.getRef());

Instances of HostAddress are provided by the DNS service.  This allows us to
have an interface like:

	Iterator getSMTPHostAddresses(String domainName);

where the Iterator is over HostAddress instances, and we can simply iterate
along, using the HostAddress as a URLName with JavaMail.

So ... do I create src/java/org/apache/javamail and start populating it, or
do I leave HostAddress in org.apache.mailet?

Assuming no one objects to the class in the first place.

	--- Noel

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