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From "Richard O. Hammer" <ROHam...@EarthLink.net>
Subject Re: keeping a JDBC connection active
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 20:58:59 GMT
Serge Knystautas wrote:
> ... permanently holding a single 
> database connection open is a Bad Idea(tm).  Some downsides:
> - your code is inherently single-threaded.

I have not noticed any single-thread limitation.  I have a singleton 
(only one instance) database class.  It has the one Connection as an 
instance variable which is set when the class is constructed at server 
startup.  Multiple threads call the methods in this database class.

Each call to one of the database methods prepares its own 
PreparedStatement from the one Connection, and closes the 
PreparedStatement before returning.  (I would have avoided that 
pattern of preparing a PreparedStatement on each method call, since it 
seems wasteful in my limited knowledge.  But if I recall correctly I 
got the pattern from James, where I gather it works well enough, and I 
have not had reason to change it in my code.)

Anyhow, I have the impression that the Connection keeps track of its 
many individual PreparedStatements, like a mama knows her children 
apart, and never mixes up their interactions.  Do you think it might? 
  I've never noticed any jumbling of data.

I think I've got the necessary synchronization, pertaining to the 
reading and setting of database data, handled higher up in my code. 
But maybe there is some database programming issue here which I need 
to learn.

> - if you restart your db server, you get a failure in your app.

Yes!  This one has hit me over the head.  You've helped me see which 
direction I need to go to fix it.

> ...  Database connection pools are pretty 
> prevalent, even most JDBC3 drivers have something bundled.  I would 
> really encourage you to look into using one.

Thank you, Serge.  I've got work to do.


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