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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Alex Zhukov's maildir patch - Licensing...
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 15:02:00 GMT
> Just noticed that Alex's patch uses javamaildir (javamaildir.sf.net).

Oh, bother.  :-(  Well, that's why we go over everything before we commit
it, and no one had had time to review all of his submissions in detail,
therefore they didn't get committed.

> This is GNU GPL'ed code, but Alex is the only person on this sf project

Alex would have to submit all of the necessary code to us with an IP grant
for the ASF to use it.  He submitted his initial offering with the Apache
License included, but we can't go and download his GPL code and use that.

> "> I've spotted this (GPL'ed): http://javamaildir.sourceforge.net/
> We have another contribution of a maildir implementation for our code.  It
> will be merged into CVS sometime this month."

I didn't make the connection at the time that Alex was the author of both,
and that his MailDir patch depended upon his GPL code.

> Alex's patch has some changes to James' core code - namely user lookups to
> support virtual host accounts on the same box, SMTP ACL's and LDAP. Will
> patching all this in one go be acceptable to you guys, or should I just
> extract the maildir stuff and work on that?

Each submission would be handled on its own merits; see my comment to you
early about mega-patches.

I had hoped that his MailDir would be as easy a drop-in as Jason Webb's mbox
support.  The SMTP ACL code is something I intended to elaborate on after we
released v2.2.0.  Virtual Hosting and LDAP, however, are issues that I would
defer until we discuss how we want to handle User Repositories in James for
the future.  And we already have sufficient "virtual hosting" in James to
address the "I have two joes in two domains and they aren't the same person"
issue; use Virtual User Tables to map an SMTP recipient to a local mailbox.

Right now, we're trying to get a release out the door.  After that, a
roadmap needs to be put in place for James v3 and later.  If you want to
work with Alex to get an Apache licensed Maildir ready, that would be great.
Also on the short list are integrating and enhancing the new MIME parsing
code so that we can reduce James' memory footprint, and adding an enhanced
version of the SMTP ACL concept.

	--- Noel

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