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From Mike Heath <m...@cycletime.com>
Subject [Patch] Custom locking for James cluster
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 00:36:35 GMT
After more than 2 months, I finally found the time to move our
distributed locking mechanism over to JCluster.  JCluster is very cool
by the way.  Using JCluster is actually simpler than going straight
through JGroups, IMO.

The source files aren't currently in the best shape for a patch but I
wanted to get the code out and get people looking at it to make sure
there aren't any glaring problems with the distributed locking.  We
haven't had a chance to really test the JCluster version but the logic
hasn't really changed from our JGroups version which we have tested
pretty well (although not as thoroughly as we would like.)

To compile these files you need JCluster and to run them you need
JGroups and the JGroups JCluster plug-in.  I put all the .jar's in
JAMES/lib and everything seams to be working fine.

JCluster is available at (both .jar's are required):

JGroups is available at (use the latest version):

After getting more familiar with the James source, I believe it would be
better to make the distributed locking a block to make it more easily
configurable.  There are conceivably a lot of settings that could be
changed and/or tweaked for distributed locking.  Unfortunately, I'm not
sure how to go about creating a new block from scratch (although it
doesn't seam like it would be that difficult.)


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