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From "Cristian Ilie-TM" <Cristian.i...@telus.com>
Subject Callable statements James
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 21:45:51 GMT
Hi all,
Is it possible to process/store messages (in the database) via Callable Statements ? 
When a message is received I need to do additional message checking on the database side so
I need to call a store procedure to store/process the message. I do not need to check or retrieve
the message from the database once it is stored (not need to use the existing default tables
created by
James). James doesn't need to know how the database looks like, it just pass the message info
in a procedure and check the return error.  

Another question:
What happen if the number of threads is higher than the number of database connections in
the pool ? Does James reply to the client with "System unavailable" or is queuing the messages
until a database connection become available ? 

Cristian Ilie
Telus Mobility / IT
Phone: (416) 940-4161
Mike: (416) 684-0824
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