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From "Steve Brewin" <sbre...@synsys.com>
Subject RE: site process
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 20:14:04 GMT
Danny Angus wrote:
> To reply to the point about WYSIWYG and xdocs Maven has an HTML2XDOC
> plugin which takes simple HTML and generates valid xdocs.
> And it works. It means that you can have HTML with only sematic tags
> (not stylistic ones) and let the xdoc transform add the style. Since I
> started doing this I've _never_ had xdocs which choke the transformer
> with invalid markup.
> Does forrest have such a facility? Because (Quote of the week..) html
> is well supported by WYSIWYG tools.

Yes, the source document format can be HTML.

Also, one of its presentation formats could be xdoc, so for any supported
source document format that is not xdoc we could first transform to xdoc to
get our repository store format and then transform xdoc to presentation
HTML, PDF or whatever. Plus, the xdoc in the repository can be transformed
to vanilla HTML. This solves the round trip problem I alluded to in an
earlier post.

For someone wanting to edit vanilla HTML the cycle could be...

1) Check out the xdocs
2) Use Forrest to transform xdoc to vanilla HTML
3) Edit the HTML
4) Submit to local copy of Forrest to preview
5) Repeat (3) and (4) until you are happy with the results
6) Use Forrest to transform vanilla HTML to xdoc
5) Check the xdocs and commit
6) An SVN commit hook
   a) Invokes Forrest to transform xdoc to presentation HTML and/or PDF
and/or whatever
   b) Copies the results to the website

For anyone wanting to edit raw xdocs, just miss out (2) and (6) and (3)
becomes Edit the xdocs.

Note that Noel has concerns about the automatic nature of step (6).
Personally, I think its a cool solution.

-- Steve

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