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From Michael Bryant <mgbry...@4mi.net>
Subject URI blacklist Matcher
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2004 19:41:06 GMT

I have developed a Matcher that works with URI blacklists (see 
http://www.surbl.org).  This Matcher scans the body of the message for 
domain names. Then domain lookups are performed against supplied URI 
blacklists  (Spamcop call these "spamvertised" websites). If a hit is 
found on any of the domains, all recipients are returned by the 

If there is interest, I would like to contribute this code to the James 
project. There may be issues with the way the code and TLD data is 
currently organized, the use of java.util.regex, etc. I will be happy 
to help out with any additional work that might need to be done.

-Mike Bryant.

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