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From Vaughan Hines <vaug...@pppoe.ca>
Subject Domain Handling
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 16:51:41 GMT
My earlier post was obviously much too long :-)

The James server current design for handling multiple domains is shaky both
in a "single domain" config and "multiple domain" config.

In a single domain config, if a user configures Fetchmail to include a
default domain then that domain needs to be in the servernames list.  For
many non-developer admins the significance of this will be lost and mail
will start to get sent to the wrong accounts.  Since the documentation
tells the user to do just this, there will be problems.  (There are other

In a multiple domain config, as is currently designed, any application such
as Fetchmail will misreport whether or not an intended recipient is local.
This renders much of the functionality of Fetchmail useless and/or
inefficient in this configuration.

In any case, as currently designed, the core class (James.java) checks only
the user@ part of the MailAddress in the storeMail() method.   Thus in a
multi-domain, the core class uses a different model than the admin's
intended, expressed and configured model.  This makes James.java an
unstable foundation to build extended multi-domain applications upon
without alterations. 

Since the changes to James to make the core aware of domains are relatively
easy and minor, it is unclear to me why there has been seemingly (to me!)
great resistance on this point in the past.

As mentioned previous, much of this code work has been done in my own
codebase for my own purposes; it just needs a little help from some others.
 (Obviously there are many feasible approaches other than mine).

Can we start to agree that now is a good time to put this into the core?   



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