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From Vaughan Hines <vaug...@pppoe.ca>
Subject Re: Domain Handling
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 18:13:00 GMT
At 2005-02-03 09:58 AM, you wrote:
>> My earlier post was obviously much too long :-)
>Perhaps my reply was too short.
There must have been a mail hiccup on my email account; but I just looked
up your reply via the web archive.  Thanks.

>Yes James could use virtual host support.
>Your ideas are pretty good.
I was looking for a general buy-in because there would be no point in
starting something otherwise.
Do we need a vote or something?  Unfamiliar with how this mechanism works
here.  Is a separate technical explanation needed first? What?

Most of the actual changes are light but they are spread over so many
different areas that overall it's a medium to big change.
The following is already done in my code and just needs to be
"un-customized" by me for this (a few days effort):
- James.java and MailetContext interface changes
- Resolver interface (same methods as the MailetContext changes)
- Resolver implementation, which is similar in functionality to the
JdbcVirtualUserTable classes
- DB schema additions
- any class (Fetchmail, LocalDelivery.java) that uses either of those two
and calls IsLocalUser() need to change (basically one line changes)
- config.xml needs some additional syntax in order to properly describe
each virtual domain
- miscellaneous "glue code"

The following still needs to be done:
- RemoteManager, Pop3 and SMTPServer also need changes
- XML implementation of Resolver interface

>You must, however, also adapt the smtp pop3 and remote manager or find
>someone who is willing and has the time.
>Our major restriction is not technical it is resource capacity.
Another person to retrofit the XMLVirtualUserTable class to work with the
new MailetContext methods is a must since I'm unable to do this myself
easily.  Or we could say that this is only supported by a database.

It would be good if someone else could volunteer handle some/all of the
RemoteManager/Pop3/SMTP stuff; the changes are straightforward.  If
necessary, I can do this myself but this will slow everything down by
weeks/months since I'm unfamiliar with the codebase in these areas.

>The way to do all this is to submit patches to the james list or into our
>JIRA thing, whatever you call it, ah... issue tracker.
I haven't done patches or JIRA before; have to take a look...

In any case I could start by posting the recommended interface only and
syntax changes to this list or to somewhere else first.




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