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From "Mark Daring" <typedef_...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: [James-NG] Avalon-free James proposal and reference implementation
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 22:16:03 GMT

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From: "Noel J. Bergman" <noel@devtech.com>
To: "James Developers List" <server-dev@james.apache.org>
Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 7:43 PM
Subject: RE: [James-NG] Avalon-free James proposal and reference 

>> I don't really see how commons-configuration would be useful to us.
> Provides an object abstraction to pass to an object describing its 
> (current)
> configuration.
>> now that I have seen a simple IoC framework in practice, I don't
>> like JNDI and also appreciate what Avalon was trying to do.
> Why?  IoC requires decorators for each thing being pushed, or pushes an
> object providing pull access to the things you want.  Both of those are
> present in Avalon.

As I have made JAMES phoenix- and (in part) avalonfree, I wouldnt simply
throw away avalon and make everything the POJO-way.
Avalon is the evolution of CDI and simple enough to understand it very 
What I didnt like about JAMES was pheonix (unnecessary complexity)., so
getting rid of itwas the first point on my list.

As clustering, RT-configuration (RTC) and hot deployment is an issue, proper
lifecycle-management is vital, and makes CDI a step back.For example I kept
the configuration process and interfaces with minor modifications, the
ComponentManager and pretty much of the avalon interfaces in their original 
My first intention was also to make all POJOs, but as I thought about 
Avalon I realized the amout of work and the necessity of making something 
Reasons enough to keep it.

I ended up with a single class, reading the config, creating the log, the
componentmanager, starting all the servers, aso.

JNDI is only used for J2EE and for clustering.

No problems so far.


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