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From Ahmed Mohombe <amoho...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [jamesng] Re: The YAAFI Manifesto - WAS Re: Plans for Fulcrum release ....
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2005 16:39:18 GMT
> I am currently working on removing avalon dependence from current v2x 
> source of james and making james a set of POJOs
> And I guess by the end of the following week it will be ready to be 
> testable by other developers
Glad to hear that :).
We can't wait to test it :).

>> *) stick with Phoenix or migrate to Loom
>> *) make a transition to Fortress to stay under an ASF umbrella
>> *) jump-start an Avalon-free JamesNG and use an Avalon container of 
>> there choice for the migration process
>> *) kick out Avalon, jump-start an Avalon-free JamesNG and go for Big Bang
> I vote for the last one
> + reuse components already written by making them POJOs
Sometimes extreme measures are the best to clean something. Maybe if 
other software projects would follow your pattern, it wouldn't be so 
much "bloatware" out there :).


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