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From "Alan Gerhard" <alan.gerh...@gercom.com>
Subject RE: JBossMail - JAMES seems to get concurrence :)
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 02:48:19 GMT
i tend to agree ...

i have been with james for about two and a half years now and although we
have had have several 'revisions' there has not been any major movement
towards james' objectives ... to be an enterprise class mail server.

granted, there is a lot going on and with the fall of avalon, some tasks
take precedence and with the evolution of apache.org, considerable efforts
and been made to keep james current.

i feel james development needs to be separated into two areas - one is every
day maintenance and the other is in new development.

one group needs to more or less maintain james code - bug fixes, added
features, etc.
one group needs to focus more on the higher level structure of james and
ensure that milestones are met.

although this is open source, there needs to be a very clear structure with
milestones and accountability.

to be an enterprise class server we need to attract major isp's and they
have very specific needs, such as an audit trail for all mails processed.
simple solution is to 'write a maillet that does this' - but this mentality
does not bring james closer to it's goal. wee need to define/configure james
out of the box to satisfy these needs. although the mailet api is a
wonderful thing, we cannot expect users to provide custom solutions to run
their businesses.

just because this is open source does not mean that we cannot be selective
and demanding. if i come up with an idea that may not be 100% in line with
james, there needs to be someone(group) that determines what is being done,
who is working on it, and when it is due ...

i do not think we can survive with the earlier ideals that the group will
decide what direction james is to take.
james has been defined and the group's obligation is to ensure it's

sorry for the soapbox approach, but i do agree, to a point, that we need to
accelerate but i do not think the answer is -'well, feel free to contribute'

- alan

> Maybe this is would be a reason for JAMES to speed up a litle :) (or am
> I just dreaming of IMAP/Virtual Hosting/Friendly UIs for
> config/Improved
> mailinglists and newsgroups? :) )
> Ahmed.

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