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From Soren Hilmer <soren.hil...@tietoenator.com>
Subject SpringJames vs. JamesNG
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 14:23:22 GMT
Hi all,

Serge recently posted a mail to server-user saying that a container switch was 
a minor concern of ours (or at least something to that extent). 
I disagree on this, I believe that we have to make a decission on the 
container issue, to both keep existing comitters interested and possible 
attract new skilled people.

The container issue is by far the one thing that is keeping myself from doing 
commits into James. I hate doing something today and having to redo it all 
over in a month or two.

I tried to follow the discussion on JamesNG a while back, but as I at that 
time had little knowledge of neither Groovy nor Spring, I did not comment. 

I have now done some reading on the two subjects and believe that Spring is 
the way to go for James. My main concern on JamesNG (I know this is not 
Groovy related) is the CDI principle IMO this principle leads to constructor 
bloat if you want to have some properties with default values, and I believe 
we do.
The Spring framework's Java-Bean approach is IMO a way better solution to the 
POJO-ification issue.

Now I have started to convert James into POJO's the Spring way (only 
James.java so far), but as I stated above I hate doing things over, so let us 
take a vote. Is it going to be SpringJames or JamesNG.

I will start with a +1 for SpringJames.


Søren Hilmer, M.Sc.
R&D manager             Phone:  +45 72 30 64 00
TietoEnator IT+ A/S     Fax:    +45 72 30 64 40
Ved Lunden 12           Direct: +45 72 30 64 57
DK-8230 Åbyhøj          Email:  soren.hilmer <at> tietoenator.com

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