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From Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud <buge...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: J2EE as "Avalon" replacement on James ?
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 21:04:21 GMT
> > Nothing in JAMES touches J2EE.

Well right now, but it is about a server processing, handling &
storing data so all this fits in the J2EE space isn't it ;-)

> > > If so, the new container will be J2EE standard container

> > There is no such thing.  Yes, support for JMX and related would be good, but
> > that's not the same as claiming that there is a J2EE container.  Actually,
> > there are many: EJB container, Servlet Container, etc.

Obviously, I am not talking about the servlet container but the EJB
containter for the core part as its lifecycle fits more to a such a

I do not see isue with the "POJO" mania. But for lots of people POJO
means magin persistance container with little/no lifecycle. Such
lightweight container are nice but when it comes to real QoS it is not
a simple story. For me, POJO is only about having little technical
impact on business model. In this way, EJB3 is realy a good
perspective, because you keep the POJO spirit without having the
tradoff as beeing in a J2EE space you will benefit if required from
the QoS services and capabilities.

Going so, James will be able to fit to whatever load on whatever configuration.

> > > Embeding the James connectors in JCA
> >
> > JCA doesn't seem to over any benefit in this area at all.  Do you see
> > JavaMail transports written to JCA?

Right, I see SMTP pure java implementation written in JCA that push to
james the inbound.
Same for POP3 or IMAP4, or even WEBDAV/WebMail ;-)

All this is connectors pushing or pulling resources to the core
service that is handling the message life (creation, storage,
fetching, archiving, grouping, triggering, ...).

> Actually, I've always wanted a JCA connector for incoming email so I could have MDBs
consume email.  Oh how wonderful that would be!

Exactly ! you get it :) There is a good example of inbound JCA for emails, 

With this example you can receive emails thru a JMS message on a method like :

 public void onMessage(javax.mail.Message message) 

Isn't life simple ? ;-)

Anyway, that is just some late night toughts.


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