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From Danny Angus <danny.an...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Merging (was [VOTE] POJO pattern)
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 08:08:59 GMT
> I saw the point was more that we would not lose anything (since
> everything is in SVN) if we dumped what we have in MAIN (now trunk) and
> replaced it with branch_2_1_fcs.  And, since we're agreeing on an
> evolutionary move away from our current dependencies, we could replace
> trunk with what's in branch_2_1_fcs to:
> - have code releases come off of trunk (simpler), and
> - only one branch to maintain (more efficient)

+1 the evolutionary approach seems to have support  from people who
are prepared to put in the hours. So why not just swap branch_2_1_fcs
with HEAD and evolve "2"

> As tempting as it is, you have done way too much to deserve blame.

+1 Yeah way too much, the issue is should we expect you to do more or
take a pragmatic view of the current state of the project and the
ambitions of the community? I say we be realistic and don't expect
Noel to be a silver bullet.

> Now that we are building consensus and direction, I'd like to simplify
> our path to move us forward.  While it is painful to just kill a branch,
> unless you suddenly become unemployed (or we massively and unfairly
> guilt-trip you into skipping work for a week), I see it as the simplest
> course of action.

Theres no shame in taking a fresh look at things and starting from
where we actually are, not where we had hoped to be.


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