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From "Steve Brewin" <sbre...@synsys.com>
Subject RE: New Mailet API - Was Re: what competition is doing
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 19:29:06 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > I was thinking more along the lines of having an 'else' like clause
> > but ! support would be a plus too.
> OK, guys ... before you go all crazy in the XML ... :-)
> Two things:
>   - Consider a BSF processor for advanced uses.  That
>     should provide a generic mechanism for doing as
>     much advanced logic flow as one might want.

I added BSF processing for Matchers and Mailets many moons ago. It was a
little awkward as the Matcher syntax doesn't lend itself to embedding
scripts. If anyone wants to revisit I'll be happy to track it down in SVN
and ruminate on how it can be improved. These days I'ld be tempted to forego
BSF and head straight to a byte-code generating language such as Groovy.

>   - Someone PLEASE take a look at getting jsieve setup
>     so that we can do a deployment with and the new code.

The main impediment to jSieve is it really needs IMAP to fly. It has always
included a functional test mailet which one could aim local delivery
attempts at. It is not a particularly useful solution as it has an all users
to one Sieve script relationship model whereas what we require is a one user
to one Sieve script relationship model.

Mind you, thinking about the first of the two things, isn't this what we are
after? We could forget BSF, Groovy, et al. and use Sieve scripts for our
more complex Mailet/Matcher logic instead.

> I don't know how much time Steve has, but he should be able
> to help with
> that effort.

Happy to help. No time to code.

-- Steve

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