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From Mike Heath <mhe...@avaloninc.com>
Subject Re: Fast-Fail first proposal
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 19:27:02 GMT
> > I think the API you are suggesting (or better the pattern) is good but I
> > also think that Mike already got working code with a similar pattern: we
> > should wait for his code commit/proposal.
> Mike said:
> "in spite of the fact that I brought up a similar idea to Noel's on the
> list a while ago, I've changed my stance and have to agree with Danny.
> I like Danny's comments because they resonate really well with the
> work I've been doing with MINA.  As I've thought about this problem, it
> seams like a much better design to modularize the SMTP handler to
> facilitate fast fails."

I don't really have my own API per se so if you're waiting for me to
submit a proposal, you're going to be waiting a long time.  As far as
committed code, instructions for checking my code out are available
here: http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=115603  The module name is

My code relies heavily on MINA.  MINA already has support for doing
protocol interceptors (which is what my STARTTLS implementation uses
when TLS is required.)  Unless James is ready to move to MINA, my code
will only serve as a reference.

Going back, again, to Danny's proposal:

    ProtocolHandler - parses commands per protocol spec.
    CommandHandler - matches command(s) and responds to the protocol
    handler with a response code & message.
    CommandRule - called by command handler to validate command,
    responds with a response code & message

The reason that I pointed out that I like this is because Danny's
ProtocolHandler maps to my ProtocolDecoder, Danny's CommandHandler
matches up to my ProtocolHandler/Command design and the idea of
CommandRules would fit in really well with what I'm doing.


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