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From <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: Applying for committer status
Date Sun, 29 May 2005 22:09:27 GMT
> > Is there a better modus operandi for me to submit my ideas and work?
> Not really.  Actually, I was interested in something you 
> posted to JIRA today, but you didn't include the patches.

I know: I already posted a few patches, but I'm working on many sides around
James and it takes too much time to create patches to an old repository (I
already have a lot of difference since the current trunk) so I preferred to
add the jira issue and the note to speak with me for patches. When/if a
committer will have time to review and apply patches I'll be glad to spend
my time in extracting the wanted patches from my codebase, but until then it
would be a loss of time.

My work is all around the DSN support and I already got an alpha quality
support in SMTPServer, RemoteDelivery, a new DeliveryStatusNotify mailet
that replace the DSNNotify, but I need to change the Mailet API and the
James core (MailImpl, LinearProcessor, probably the Repositories) to do a
clean support.

I the past weeks I understood that the best thing I can do now is to work on
my own and produce at least a beta-quality release of James 3 including all
the things I've worked on:
- ESMTP DSN support
- ESMTP EHLO fixes
- ESMTP SIZE fixes
- DeliveryStatusNotify rfc compliant mailet
- NewRemoteDelivery with modular thread-workers and a little reworked error
- S/MIME full support (signing/crypt/sign. verification/decrypt)
- Changes in MailetAPI: recipients attributes and recipient collection
- Changes in MailetAPI: notifyDeliveryStatus() in MailetContext

I will then publish my work somewhere so hopefully some betatester will try

I will try to keep JIRA updated with the things I'm working on so that other
developers knows I'm already working on this.

The bad side of this approach is that I'm putting my hands in the James core
/ Mailet API and I'm not familiar as you with its core: that is why I asked
for help/discussion in the mailing list.

BTW in june I'm busy too and I won't have too much time to work on james but
I will test my changes in a small production machine.


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