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From Laurent Rouvet <laur...@roovay.com>
Subject Re: New Mailet API - Was Re: what competition is doing
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 07:25:05 GMT
Serge Knystautas wrote:
> One thing that always bug me about webapps is how they restart.  Why 
> should there be any downtime?  I'm going to have a new classloader and 
> fully initialize it... don't tear down the first instance until the 
> second is fully initialized, then cutover and hand new connections to 
> the new classloader instance, and eventually the old classloader 
> instance will finish handling those requests and can be GC'd.  Does this 
> bug anyone else?
> The only reason I can't see doing this is if you were changing socket 
> bindings, which neither servlets nor mailets should.

In the mailets context i think that you are right, but in the webapp 
context, remember that you may have to manager the session!

However, in the cas of a compatible backend (DB or EBJ,...), the 2 
webapp may carry on run and the container send the request with a old 
session id to the old webapp.
So it's not soo easy....  fortunately in the mailet context we don't 
have a session. ;-)

Laurent Rouvet.

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