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From Juan Carlos Murillo <muri...@inet.co.cr>
Subject Re: Proposal for Web Admin Console
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 23:11:00 GMT
Hi Ann,

Thanks for your reply, here are my thoughts:

Embed Tomcat - portability should not be an issue as any web application
written under the J2EE specificiation should deploy to any J2EE
compliant container.  Tomcat however is by far the leader in popularity.
Also a plus is the fact that its also an Apache project.  I think
embedding it would be great as it totally removes the need for the user
to do anything.  I currently have a James configured so that you can
start tomcat and deploy the web app with the same run script used to
start James.  So no work whatsoever for the user.  The script output
would tell the user 'go to this url to access the management console:

As you say, we force no one, the web app will be in the package, it can
be extracted and used elsewhere in a different container and the tomcat
server shutdown.  On the Tomcat stability, i must say Tomcat is very
stable and we would be running it on its own VM so it will
not impact James in any way even if it totally crashes and dies.  I
would prefer to do it all in James, but that is up to the commiters to
decide.  My preference would therefore be the simple, stable, small
footprint, independent VM, no configuration Tomcat + our app.

Communication - I agree with you on the config.xml.  I am not sure the
web app talking to the telnet port is such a great idea.  Maybe we can
use JMX or RMI for that kind of communication.

Framework:  I am with you.  This app will not be changing all the time
and adding a specific framework will just add a learning curve to the
app.  We could stick with Servlets for flow control and JSP for

Layout:  I like your idea of watching what is normally expected of admin
consoles on other mail servers.  I also like the idea about the mail
truck but James has a logo and that part might be difficult to change,
we also need to keep our 'enterprise' looks about us :)

Clustering:  Not my cup of tea either.  Lets leave that for when we are
done with the easy stuff.  Maybe someone else can help us with it.

Data Base:  I say we keep the admin up a straight interface to the James
server.  Tomcat can handle security (user/pass) and all the rest of our
data is from James itself.  As for transient data for wizards and other
immediate stuff, we can use in memory session objects to store that.


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