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From Juan Carlos Murillo <muri...@inet.co.cr>
Subject RE: Proposal for Web Admin Console
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 14:31:25 GMT

> Stefano Bagnara wrote:
> > I know in past there was an Avalon<->Jetty adapter.

I understood that Avalon was in the process of being replaced by Spring
as the Container.  So ideally new developments could start this process
of detachment by not using Avalon to run.

> > Jetty is a slim servlet container. Probably the licensing
> > doesn't allow to redistribute it with james.

Tomcat-embedded is a minimal footprint distribution of Tomcat for uses
such as the one proposed here.  I hear Jetty is very good also however.

> Jetty (http://jetty.mortbay.org/jetty/) is under the Apache License.
> However, I don't believe that we want to embed a web container with JAMES.
> Rather, I feel that we want to enhance our primitive JMX support, and have
> administration tools use that interface.

I understand the issues for not wanting to embed the servlet container,
it adds a dependency, it increases the size of the download etc. I was
hoping however that making this a 'no configuration/ no installation'
turnkey solution would greatly increase the adoption rate of James.  One
of the biggest complaints against Java systems as of today is the huge
complexity involved in deployment of new systems. Picture this:

Scenario 1
1- Download, extract and run James

Scenario 2
1- Download, extract and run James
2- Download Tomcat
3- Install Tomcat
4- Configure security and other on Tomcat
5- Download James admin console
6- Configure James console
7- Deploy James admin console

It is definetly not a life or death choice, but I was hoping to make
life easy for the end user.  I also think we should try to do all
in-house as opposed to having a separate sourceforge bundling project as
proposed by Ann.

Juan Carlos Murillo <murillo@inet.co.cr>

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