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From Juan Carlos Murillo <muri...@inet.co.cr>
Subject Re: Proposal for Web Admin Console
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 17:10:42 GMT
How does this sound:

1- We build the web management console.
2- We offer it as a war download
3- We offer it as a war/servlet container bundle
4- We offer it as a James/war/servlet container bundle

This targets three different user types:

(2) Would target savvy user with multiple James that have centralized
J2EE appserver for general app management
(3) Would target users that decide to run James and web app on separate
(4) Would target SOHO users that don't want to deal with the pain of

I agree with Noel's breakdown below.  We can do parallel development on
all these tiers and be finished faster.  I have updated the proposal to
reflect it as to what pertains to the web admin console itself:
> > 
> > What we're look at probably lays out as:
> > 
> >   - JMX support w/MBeans embedded in each managed process
> >   - Admin service (model)
> >   - Admin webapp in a web container of the user's choice
> >   - Admin script interface (uses BSF)
> > 
> > where the webapp and script interface are just clients of the admin service.
> > For Anne's purposes, since she has a defined timeframe and task, as long as
> > she talks to JMX, we're probably fine, and later refactoring can handle
> > remaining issues.
> > 
> >         --- Noel
> > 
Juan Carlos Murillo <murillo@inet.co.cr>

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