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From Juan Carlos Murillo <muri...@inet.co.cr>
Subject RE: Proposal for Web Admin Console
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 15:47:30 GMT
Further to the subject of the Web Admin Console, I took the liberty to
build a small prototype web application for which i am enclosing a
download link to get your comments (had included attachments in a
previous message, but the list wouldn't have them).  You can navigate it
but it contains no functionality yet:

http://www.inet.co.cr/temp/JamesAdminConsole.tar.gz (9.5k)

I also built a proof of concept bundle of Tomcat and this application,
for which i am adding this download link:

http://www.inet.co.cr/temp/JamesAdminBundle.tar.gz (4 Mb)

To run the web app attachment, unzip into your web application directory
on your app server of choice and go to:


Where domain and port are specific to your own installation.

To run the bundle you will need to have ant available.  Download it,
unzip anywhere, go into the unzipped directory and type:

ant -f min.xml run await

After Tomcat starts the application will be accessible here:


For those who don't have time or don't want to install anything, take a
peek at the screenshot:


This can be used as a template to start development of the app itself, I
would like to work on the actual decoupling of the admin commands from
the RemoteManagerHandler myself, so will look into that shortly. 

Any comments welcome.

Juan Carlos Murillo <murillo@inet.co.cr>

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