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From "Alexander Botov" <al...@mail.ibl.bas.bg>
Subject RE: Summer of Code - JAMES Fastfail
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 10:26:36 GMT
On Sat, 4 Jun 2005 16:10:49 -0400, Noel J. Bergman wrote
> Alexander (and others interested in Fast-Fail),
> Danny has some information on http://wiki.apache.org/james/FastFail 
> for his proposal.  That is one of several that have come up over the 
> past couple of years.  I just posted mine there, too.
> Danny and I are largely in agreement on on having some form of 
> handler for each of several kinds of event:
>    - onConnect
>    - on<SMTP-COMMAND>
>    - onMessage
Well, it seems to me (I didn't read Danny's proposal on wiki, honestly), that
I was proposing proposal that was already proposed :-) Noel, thanks for the
update. It really clarifies the fast-fail mechanism for me. 

> I'm not particularly married as to how it would be done, but I do 
> have requirements:
>   - fast
>   - flexible
>   - extensible
>   - configurable
> I didn't try to flesh out the API for mine, just the structure.  For
> example, you'll find that I didn't bother to specify most parameters 
> or return values.  Yes, we need them, but they aren't key.  I do 
> feel that we should have a session object from which we get 
> everything related to that session: the connection, sender,
>  authentication state, authorization state, etc.
I understand that the agreement between James committers is needed before
starting the actual implementation. Meanwhile I would like to start to dig
into the code. So I have couple of questions (regarding fast-fail):

- Which branch from the svn should I checkout? 
- do I have to know well Avalon framework interfaces? 
- What James specific internals or mechanisms should I be familiar with? 
- can I get starting point to look on for the SMTP implementation?

Thanks for the update 

-- Alex

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