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From Anagha Mudigonda <anaghamudigo...@yahoo.com>
Subject James fast fail thoughts
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 21:48:00 GMT
I have been actively following the Fast fail design
I was wondering if it may be necessary to configure
rule as the following:
If MAIL FROM validation passed SPF then no need to
Validate RCPT TO
If MAIL FROM, RCPT TO Passed then no need to validate

We not only need session state but some kind of rule
engine if we need to support the above feature.

Also I was thinking if the JAMES could be redesigned
to have common framework for IN-PROTOCOL(a.k.a Fast
Fail) or PIPELINE.

In configuration an extra parameter would be there to
indicate the type:

IN-PROTOCOL / PIPELINE. The Pipeline option routed
over Mailet API whereas a new architecture defined for

Anagha Mudigonda  
Fast fail Enthusiast
Graduate Student 
Polytechnic University

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