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From Chris Zumbrunn <ch...@zumbrunn.com>
Subject Re: Proposal for Web Admin Console
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 15:20:45 GMT
On Jun 17, 2005, at 10:19 AM, Stefano Bagnara wrote:

> On Jun 17, 2005, at 1:11 AM, Juan Carlos Murillo wrote:
>> Embed Tomcat - portability should not be an issue as any web 
>> application
>> written under the J2EE specificiation should deploy to any J2EE
>> compliant container.  Tomcat however is by far the leader in 
>> popularity.
>> Also a plus is the fact that its also an Apache project.  I think
>> embedding it would be great as it totally removes the need for the 
>> user
>> to do anything.  I currently have a James configured so that you can
>> start tomcat and deploy the web app with the same run script used to
>> start James.  So no work whatsoever for the user.  The script output
>> would tell the user 'go to this url to access the management console:
>> xxxx'.
> I know in past there was an Avalon<->Jetty adapter.
> I don't know how easy would be to create an adapter to run Tomcat 
> inside
> Avalon but it would not be so difficult to update the old 
> avalon<->jetty
> adapter.
> Jetty is a slim servlet container. Probably the licensing doesn't 
> allow to
> redistribute it with james.

Hi everybody,

I'm starting to use James as the mail component for OpenMocha [1] (a 
web app server framework for javascript developers) and will need to 
manage James from Helma [2] applications. So, this project would come 
at the right time for me. Wherever there are synergies I'll be glad to 
contribute what I can. Helma offers a Rhino based scripting environment 
and embeds the Jetty web server.

Helma cleanly separates application logic from design using "skins". 
Providing an easy way to customize the appearance beyond CSS could also 
be a good idea for James Web Admin. I would certainly encourage you to 
take a look at Helma. Should you decide to build James Web Admin using 
Helma, I would be happy to help with the Helma side of things.

[1] http://openmocha.org/
[2] http://helma.org/

Regarding the communication interface between James and Web Admin, I 
suggest to also think about the possibility of using XML-RPC (RMI and 
SOAP have been mentioned). XML-RPC offers the openness of SOAP and is 
even easier to work with. BTW: Apache XML-RPC is based on an early 
version of Helma.

[3] http://ws.apache.org/xmlrpc/

Anyway, I'll be following this thread with great interest. I will 
implement some kind of Helma based way of managing James and will 
hopefully be able to contribute to the James Web Admin project in some 


chris@czv.com  +41 329 41 41 41
Chris Zumbrunn Ventures - http://www.czv.com/
Internet Application Technology - Reduced to the Maximum

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