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From Joe Cheng <c...@joecheng.com>
Subject Re: Summer of code - IMAP
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 18:36:47 GMT
Are you sure Lucene is appropriate for implementing IMAP search?  As far 
as I can tell, IMAP search is supposed to be a straight substring match, 
whereas Lucene is designed to find tokens (as is any inverted-index 
search strategy that I am aware of).  Let me know if I need to elaborate 
on this.

Of course, we could conciously decide that James will have a fast but 
technically non-compliant search facility instead of a slow but 
compliant one...

Jason Webb wrote:

>I've had a slightly longer think about things and there is one critical
>piece of functionality that I won't have time to implement in the IMAP
>server: IMAP search.
>People have had ideas on this before so I suggest you look through the mail
>archives, but here's a few thoughts for starters (a formal spec will come
>later if people are interested)
>The indexer must manage itself as far as is possible. (No admin)
>User message indexes must be kept separate. (Secure)
>Messages must be added to and deleted from the index as soon as is
>practical, but as a thread running as the lowest priority in James. (Timely)
>The indexer must be able to read messages from any of the James repository
>types (Generic)
>It would be nice to use Lucene (Apache)
>We deploy Lucene in very high-volume systems so I have a lot of experience
>of the issues involved, but then so do the Lucene folks ;)
>I dropped the repository work as it is complex to explain, I don't know
>where I'm going with it yet and it's not an easy piece of work to parcel up.
>I hope you will all agree that working with IMAP, Lucene and James will be a
>lot more fun than being up to your elbows in the James internals.
>-- Jason

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