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From Christian Andersson ...@ofs.no>
Subject Re: James IMAP @ Google SOC: not too late, I hope?
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 07:03:02 GMT

Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>>Is there a place for me? Or it is better for me to
>>find another project?
> As far as we're concerned, so long as everyone can find a project that will
> be accepted by Google, we're happy to have you collaborate with us.
> If you feel that there are too many people wanting to do IMAP or some other
> seed that we posted, come up with one of your own.
> So far my seed list includes:
>   - IMAP (will have multiple pieces.  And it *must* have a repository
>     enhance, which Jason hasn't had time to do, in order to be
>     functional)
>   - SPF
>   - Fast-Fail
>   - Clustering
>   - NNTP changes
>   - Mailing list manager enhancements
>   - Localization
>   - Dynamic configuration/redeployment
>   - Change to use mime4j streaming where possible to reduce memory
>   - etc.

just thought of what might be an interesting project for these summer of 
code guys... I'm not using this type of service myself, but I know lots 
of people use it, and it might be good if james get this kind of 
functionallity (if it does not already have this)

a bridge between the nntp system and the mailing list system.
so that instead of using an nntp connection to read the newsgroup I 
could get them by a mailling list, and I could also post to this mailing 
list and get it out on the nntp system.

just one thought...

/Christian Andersson

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