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From Chad Akins <bigca...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: new mail list implementation (partial)
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 11:04:38 GMT
Daniel Perry wrote:

>I mentioned a while ago that I had started work on a new mailing list
>Anyway, it's basically a (messy) refactoring of the CommandListServ, to
>allow multiple dynamically-configured lists.  It uses a helper class to
>manage users, lists, etc, so it can be modified to use any data source
>without delving into the mailet.  I got the basic functionality working
>(excluding resources), and then got busy at work, bought a house, etc, and
>haven't had time to play further.
>My plans were:
>1. sort out resources in some clever way
>2. add archiving of messages (possibly directly to an NNTP store)
>3. add the functionality that archiving allows - retrieve messages command,
>digest mode, etc.
>4. extend the helper to include methods for managing lists (subscribe,
>modify subscription, etc)
>5. provide a servlet for managing lists (inc user self-management of
>subscriptions etc) - would use same helper classes (which is why I tried to
>keep them reasonably james independent - except for mailaddress)
>6. provide an LDAP implementation of the helper
>7. provide an XML implementation of the helper
>8. provide an archives browser
>Maybe when I get some time I will try and complete some of these, but if
>anyone wants to take it on (GSOC - Chad???) I'd be happy to help out.
>The code is in a zip file multilistserv.zip at:

That will be another source of information that will be extremely helpful.

One of the design ideas I had was to use the "Chain of Responsiblity" 
pattern which will allow functionality to be added in stages and make it 
easy to configure.  Adding new features could them be done quickly 
without disturbing existing functionality. 

I'll work up a quick class diagram tonight to show what I have in mind.


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