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From Joe Cheng <c...@joecheng.com>
Subject Re: james-imap project -- ideas and help
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 05:55:33 GMT
Manish Rai Jain wrote:

>2. "The requested mailbox
>     * must already exists on this server and the requesting user must have at
>     * least lookup rights." -> Host.java -> getMailbox
>Isnt' it that there is a single user of each mailbox; and this user
>actually has all the rights over the mails; which include (in english)
>lookup, compose, and delete (of messages).
>What I get from sourcecode is that each mailbox is actually a folder.
>So, there is a possibility that this folder is shared among some
>users, and they are assigned rights (read/write) over them. Is it
>true? (btw, I doubt if such kind of mailboxes are provided by popular
>email services like yahoo and gmail. So, I am sure to be mistaken
IMAP can work with the concept of shared mailboxes.  For example, 
company announcements going into a mailbox that all employees are 
subscribed to but only have read access; or a bulletin board mailbox 
that anyone can read and append but not delete.  I know Microsoft 
Exchange has the concept of public/shared folders, although I'm not sure 
if they're exposed as IMAP mailboxes.

For more details:

>3. "     * Returns the namespace which should be used for this user unless they
>     * expicitly request another."
>What is the concept of Namespace? -> Host.java -> getDefaultNamespace
>I also believe that there is a link b/w referenceName and Namespace... is it so?
See RFC 3501, section 5.1.2.

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