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From "Daniel Rebolo" <dani...@adinet.com.uy>
Subject Re: Innodb better?
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 20:14:17 GMT
I read a lot of myisam or innodb databases.. but it is difficult to choose
one of them...

myisam, is much faster than innodb, but innodb has more security (transaccions
and row-level rocking).

is it possible to use james with myisam and dont less the security, i mean,
perhaps.. it is a way en mysql to configure myisam to use transaccions..
is it possible?

tell me.. what you suggest me .. innodb or myisam tables???

thanks people!!

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>Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 13:23:44 -0400
>From: Serge Knystautas <sknystautas@gmail.com>
>Reply-To: Serge Knystautas <sergek@lokitech.com>
>To: server-dev@james.apache.org
>Subject: Innodb better?
>After reading some tips on mysql optimization, I altered my email
>table for James from myisam to innodb.  The rational was that there is
>a lot of concurrent writing happening, so it would greatly benefit
>from row-level locking.
>It seems like things are faster, though I haven't done any real tests.
> For others who know MySQL well, does this make sense, and should we
>alter the create scripts to use this table type?
>Serge Knystautas
>Lokitech >> software . strategy . design >> http://www.lokitech.com
>p. 301.656.5501
>e. sergek@lokitech.com
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Daniel Rebolo

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