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From "Daniel Perry" <d.pe...@netcase.co.uk>
Subject RE: Summer of Code
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 14:10:40 GMT

> The project I have in mind is the List Management portion of the ToDo.

Decent lists would be nice. (i have started some code for a configurable
list manager, ie. one mailet/matcher for multiple dynamically configured
lists, but not finished it)

> Specifically I'd like to add command capabilitys similar to
> http://www.ezmlm.org/ezman/ezman5.html#ss5.1 EZMLM.

The CommandListServManager mailet does this. Not all the commands are there,
but they would require list archiving (of at least recent messages), etc,
which james doesnt have.

I quite sure we'd be happy to have someone improve list support.  But, i
think that storage, management and config should come first, before
implementing more commands.


Make lists dynamically configurable - not hard coded, one list per mailet.
You should only need one mailet for all lists (obviously you should be able
to have more than one for e.g. different repositories)

Storage of subscriber attributes - non-existant in current list. Check out
the subscribe/subscirbe-confirm command - it's a joke - the subscribe
command just tells you to mail the subscribe-confirm command; there's no
requirement to have ever mailed subscribe in the first place, which
undermines the whole point of subscribe-confirm.

I think Noel made the case for LDAP configuration of lists.  I have never
used LDAP, so i cant offer an informed comment, but i can say that it looks
like a good idea based on what i do know about it.

Have you seen:

> Would someone be interested in being my Mentor?

I'm not a commiter or anything in the james project (except occasional
moaner) so i guess i cant.


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