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From "Stefano Bagnara" <apa...@bago.org>
Subject Re: RTC vs CTR (Was: svn commit: r230781)
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 15:37:59 GMT
> > I haven't asked wether James use a RTC (review-then-commit) 
> or a CTR 
> > (commit-then-review) approach.
> That depends.  :-)
> Are we about to do a release?  How risky is the patch?  
> Should we create a branch first, apply the patches, 
> review/test and then merge back to trunk?
> Those are the sorts of questions I'd ask when committing.

I totally agree with this.
So I thought it is better to bring new code now than later so we can feature
freeze in a month and prepare an alpha release of 2.3.0 (or whatever we'll
call it). I will consider CTR status until we decide a release date for the
next alpha release, is it ok?
(I can always revert any commit if any committer doesn't like it!)

> > I'm ready to apply a cumulative patch
> I am looking forward to seeing all of those things, but as a 
> general rule I dislike cumulative patches.  I prefer to see 
> patches for each functional area, when possible.  Others may 
> have different preferences.

I also don't like too much cumulative patches, hope to limit this abuse in
future commits.
These patches are all around the build.xml: it would take time to split them
to different commits.

> > Update MySQL driver (well, i've deleted it, so this is no 
> more valid)
> We have permission to use the LGPL driver, so I don't see any 
> reason to remove it, yet.  We cannot use the GPL driver, as 
> the current legal advice is that their FOSS exception isn't 
> sufficient.

Ok, I won't remove it in the next commit.
BTW: i think we should remove mm.mysql drivers because it has problems with
mysql 4.0+ and since we don't use it by default I think it would be better
to let the user download the GPL'ed connector/j than using mm.mysql.
I already prepared a comment update for the config.xml pointing to the
download url of the connector/j.

> > added derby stuff and configured db repositories by default
> That's great, and I'm looking forward to seeing it in action. 

I think I will commit all in a few hours :-)
It has been really easy to integrate an embedded Derby!

>  We'll want to do some performance benchmarks to compare 
> file, derby and mysql stores.

I preferred to spend time adding the support. I only tested it sending few
mails and reading them back.
It seemed fast.


PS: I've updated the svn log comments ;-)

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