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From "Steve Brewin" <sbre...@synsys.com>
Subject RE: Next release plans
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 20:56:50 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > I would like to know other committers' opinions on james
> next release.
> I had said before that we were close, and I had wanted us to
> do some minor
> cleanup and put out a release.  Now I feel that we are
> further away from a
> release, since we have had so many new, substantial and
> relatively untested
> changes.  Has anyone tested anything for performance impact
> compared to the
> current release, memory leaks, etc.?

In my view, 'close' means close to the required feature set we want to
release. That this feature set includes "new, substantial and relatively
untested changes" is par for the course. Isn't this why we create a branch
including the required feature set and release it as a series of alphas,
cleaning up "performance impact[s] compared to the current release, memory
leaks, etc."?

If we can agree a feature set, such as most of Stefano B's clean and
consensual changes, don't we have a 2.3 canidate?

> As for what we call the next one, perhaps it should be v3.
> Configuration
> files will certainly need to change.  I'm thinking of refactoring the
> current config into multiple files so that we can more
> readily separate what
> admins normally have to change from internal glue descriptors.

Further refactoring is fine, but will delay releasing what we have now....

> I think that we need to get some stability or we'll never
> release.

...we will never get "some stability" until we stop waiting for the next
refactoring and go with the features we have.

> I had
> planned to do a release already, but am no longer comfortable
> with the idea.

> > If this is going to happen in september then I'm for a
> 2.3.0 release,
> > otherwise I'm for moving to 3.0: it does not make sense to block the
> > development for a release that will never see the light.
> At this point, I have very little time before then, but I
> should have a
> couple of weeks at the beginging of October.
> Perhaps we should work on testing and stablizing what we
> have.
> When we seem
> close, I'll create a release branch, and we can continue
> development in the
> trunk.  But we should probably keep experimental refactoring
> in a branch,
> and out of the mainstream development, until it is ready to
> be merged in.

Yes, but we need to create a release canidate branch sooner, to isolate the
features we want to test and stablize, not once they are stabilized in the
trunk. For better or worse, the trunk is used as a development branch and is
intrinsically unstable.

-- Steve

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